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FAO The United Weather Service

A raining cloud with a sun, the letters U, W, S over the top and the words 'united weather service'.

To Whom it May Concern,

I'm writing a letter with a request of the utmost urgency, with regard to a new meteorological phenomena (#24721), known informally as ‘the cloud’, which has been witnessed on numerous occasions at locations across the British Isles. #24721 is unlike any cloud previously observed. I’m writing to you today with a request that #24721 is added to the classification register as a new cloud type.  #24721: 

  1. Sits across all levels, extending from just a few kilometres above the Earth’s surface to the top of the atmosphere. 

  2. Is static, it neither forms nor dissipates. 

  3. Appears to be steadily growing.

I’d like to articulate my belief in the need for, and value of comprehensive and complete classification. Categories provide us with order and structure. They make information accessible, they make our work understandable, they make us accountable. Without categories, there is chaos, without categories there is no knowledge, without categories there is nothing.

Thank you, 

P. Ravel

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