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Ceylon <>

to me

May 11, 2032, 5:53AM ( days ago)

I must imagine it, but I'm convinced I can see it consuming stuff... like actually swallowing - cookies, data, information. Every time a little shiver of lightning shoots across the surface. 


Do you ever wonder if we just know enough? That’s what I think when I look at it. We've got so much information that we've run out of land to store it on. And we'll keep going right? We'll fill the sky and the store will expand forever until there is no light or air or breeze or sun. Just the weight of it all above us, obscuring everything. 


I think of the bits of myself deep inside the cloud, my data stored some sort of cloud box and... I imagine all of the bits of me leaking out, dripping through gaps, gathering pace and direction. Then I'm at the edge and I condense into rain. I stop being useful and I become water again and sink back into the earth. 


Write soon, 

Love x 



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