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FAO. Commandant General People's Air Force 

Air Vice Marshal L. Peterson

A green plane with the letters P A F above and the words 'people's air force' below.

Dear Marshal Peterson,

I am writing to confirm the successful execution of mission #20582. For posterity, here is a short overview of the materials and engines required:

  • 822 drones deposited granular particles across 30 square miles of airspace 

  • 14 Cyclone 1200s dropped micro-particles of sulphur dioxide across the airspace

  • 54 Gilders sprayed additional water vapour

Due to the layered nature of the approach, with each jet and plane operating at a different level of the atmosphere, we have cultivated a cloud which is 14 miles high. We are working closely with air traffic control to route all commercial and national aircrafts around this airspace. The cloud is being monitored closely on the ground, and checks will be performed every 12 hours by a compact glider team.

The cloud does appear to be behaving outside of simulation models. We had assumed dissipation of particles, sinking and compounding of cloud vapour to produce a thick layer above the surface. It may be that this is in motion. Our checks have revealed no change. I will write again with a further update tomorrow.

Yours sincerely,

A.P. Breton

Project Nimbulus

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